Thursday, August 4, 2016

Too Hick To Be Square is moving!

Breaking news: Too Hick To Be Square is moving to a new home!

I've finally decided it's time to pack my things and leave Blogspot for good—but not to worry! Too Hick isn't going very far, just to it's own independent website where the fun will continue same as before, except with more gadgets and doo-dads for me to play with.

I'm taking everything with me on the move: posts, pictures, comments, the whole shebang! In fact, I've spent the whole last month unpacking everything on the new site so it would be ready for use. There are still a few changes I'm going to have to make before I'm 100% happy with everything, but I'm proud to say that Too Hick To Be Square is now fully operational and ready for use.

So with that, let's say goodbye to Blogger and hello to!

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